Package Description

This Package contains: 

  • x80 Silver Box
  • x20 Gold Box
  • x10 Platin Box
  • x5 Chibi Box
  • x12 Dino Box (x1 BigCarno , x1 Carno  , x1 GenesisVariant , x1 Genesis2Variant , x1 Flyer, x1 AberrantVariant ,x1 ExtinctionDino ,x1 BigAquatic ,x1 Damage ,x1 Dive , x1 Soakers , x1 Utility )


Get a random dino (Perfect Tame 224)

Silver Box

  • x2 items on every box
  • 5% chance to get a blue print
  • Medium Ressourcen Set
  • Get 5 - 50 points for each box

Gold Box

  • x3-5 items on every box
  • 20% chance to get a blueprint
  • Rar Ressources Set
  • Get 50 - 200 points for each box

Platin Box

  • x5-8 rar items on every box
  • 40% chance to get a blueprint
  • Big Rar Ressource Set
  • Get 100 - 500 points for each box


/open Silver

/open Gold

/open Platinum

/open Chibi

/open ExtinctionDino 

/open GenesisVariant 

/open Genesis2Variant  

/open AberrantVariant  

/open BigAquatic

/open BigCarno

/open Carno 

/open Flyer

/open Damage 

/open Dive  

/open Soaker

/open Utility